About WellVentions


WellVentions Partners is a non profit, social enterprise organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial training, product innovation, and wellness education with themes focusing on the 4E’s: Eating Healthy, Exercise, Emotional Health, and Economic Health.  We support the creation of innovative products, promotions, and edutainment that help build community wealth, jobs, and inspiration for a healthy, youthful community. 

Two lines of WellVentions specialty food products were developed by inner City teens under the guidance of some of our regions finest local chefs.  Youth branded their products and are learning entrepreneurial skills under a Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation Grant.

Their products were professionally processed with all NYS ingredients fresh from our local farmers and producers. The products are all natural, with no preservatives. Youth in the WellVentions program learn about health and nutrition and interpret what they learn into media products and promotions to support sales. 

Youth are sampling and selling their products at festivals, farmers markets, and specialty retailers such as Harts Grocers, Constantinos’s, Red Bird market, Lori's Natural Foods, Abundance Coop, Parkleigh, and Geulah's Cafe at the JCC. Proceeds from product sales fund programming and jobs for the youth. 


  • Support youth in learning the 4 E's: Eating Healthy, Emotional Health, Exercise, & Economic Health
  • Inspire the development & production of healthy lifestyle products to build sustainability
  • Facilitate the interpretation of the 4 E wellness messages into product labeling, media entertainment, & community performances.
  • Work with industry professionals and businesses to empower youth through field experiences in product development, branding, production, marketing, & sales. 
  • Facilitate collaborations of youth/adult teams to produce exciting events, tasty promotions, and educational performances to support the retail product sales of our youth and collaborative partners.
  • Empower youth teams to become social leaders called Wellness Entrepreneurs, promoting the          4Es to their families, peers, younger counterparts, schools, & the community at large.

Our fiscal sponsor is Foodlink